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Plasma-SeqSensei™ Melanoma RUO Kit

The Plasma-SeqSensei™ (PSS) Melanoma RUO (research use only) Kit allows the highly sensitive and specific detection of mutations in circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) from plasma of patients with melanoma cancer.

The kit is based on the next-generation sequencing technology and covers key mutations of the BRAF and NRAS oncogenes. These genes have been shown to enhance tumour growth, promote disease progression and can be considered prognostic and predictive biomarkers in melanoma. [1-2]

BRAF mutations are present in approximately 50% of all melanomas (~ 90% of these mutations occur at amino acid 600, majority of which are BRAF V600E mutations). [3]

Mutations in NRAS are currently known to be present in 20% of all melanomas (majority (>80%) involve a point mutation leading to the substitution of glutamine to leucine at position 61). [4]

For the configuration of the Plasma-SeqSensei™ Melanoma RUO Kits, two key cancer genes were selected after comparison of mutation frequencies using the COSMIC (Catalogue of Somatic Mutation in Cancer) and cBioPortal for cancer genomics databases.


Mutation frequencies are listed in the table below:

Skin cancer

  COSMIC [5] cBioPortal [6]
BRAF 42.1% 51.0%
NRAS 15.4% 24.0%


Most frequent mutations detected by Plasma-SeqSensei™ Melanoma RUO panel:

Gene ID Most frequent mutations in melanoma
BRAF V600E, V600K, V600R, V600E
NRAS Q61K, Q61R, Q61L, G12D

Plasma-SeqSensei™ Melanoma RUO Kit is intended for research use only. Diagnostic use is not supported.



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