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The detection of sentinel lymph nodes using Sentimag is ultrasensitive – and as it is proximity-based, localising nodes is highly intuitive. The system is suitable for both pre- and post-incision use, and its sensitivity can be adjusted according to three levels from the front panel control. The Sentimag instrument uses the principle of magnetic susceptometry and generates an alternating magnetic field which transiently magnetises the iron oxide particles in Sienna+.  The tiny magnetic signature generated by the Sienna+ particles is then detected by the Sentimag probe.


Key features of Sentimag®

  • Ultrasensitive detection – Proximity-based sensing for accurate node localisation
  • Intuitive localisation of nodes – Audible pitch variation means the surgeon can focus on the patient
  • Flexible – Suitable for both pre- and post-incision use
  • Large two-colour digital display, easy to read even in low light
  • Simple to use after a short period of familiarisation


Endomag®, Sentimag®, Magseed® and Sienna+® are registered European Community Trademarks of Endomagnetics Ltd.

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