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XN-L Series

As the global leaders in haematology, we consider it our responsibility to offer you solutions that make your work easier, more efficient and more effective. In 2011 we introduced the benchmark in haematology – our flagship XN-Series. For some, such a comprehensive solution may be too large. Now, with the introduction of the XN-L Series, XN quality and Sysmex’s knowledge and support are within your grasp.

Taking your haematology to the next level

Whether you want to upgrade from a 3-part differential device, or replace an existing analyser, all XN-L models are full 5-part differential analysers that offer the quality
of larger devices at an excellent price: quality ratio.

The new XN-L Series comes in three models: the XN-350, the XN-450 and the XN-550. Each is also a perfect secondary analyser, giving you confidence even at times when your primary analyser is unavailable.

Best-in-class diagnostics

You can now meet the demands of your customers – however specialised – and offer best-in-class diagnostics unavailable on any other competitor’s device in this market segment. Of course you also get full support in terms of knowledge and service from our certified staff and audited services, within our established sales and service network.

You can even open the door to new diagnostic disciplines such as body fluids. Or add one of our morphology solutions to create a full smear workflow.

Ready for the future

Whatever your needs, there is an XN for you. And since they’re scalable, you can upgrade by adding new clinical and productivity values, or by opting for further professional services and connecting to our Extended IPU as the demands of your customers change.

XN-level quality. Reliability. Best-in-class diagnostics and support. And new diagnostic disciplines. All at an affordable price. Now that’s a change in perspective for you …

True Sysmex haematology analysers

All three analysers incorporate the proven Sysmex technologies of fluorescence flow cytometry, hydrodynamic focussing and our cyanide-free SLS method for determining haemoglobin. They surpass the competition in this market segment in terms of technological performance and specifications (1) and, in addition, the mean time between failures (MTBF) is expected to be comparable to our established and proven analysers.

1 Hotton J. et al. Performance and Abnormal Cell Flagging Comparisons of Three Automated Blood Cell Counters. Am J Clin Pathol 2013;140:845 – 852

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