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Automated sample preparation for clinical flow cytometry

Manual preparation of flow cytometry samples is time-consuming. At the same time, the number of skilled staff is declining and the requirements for documentation are increasing. Many laboratories are therefore looking for ways to improve efficiency in order to sustainably continue to provide their services.  

Would you or your laboratory staff love to have an additional pair of hands to help with some of the routine manual tasks in the daily workflow? One so reliable that it could free up your time to get on with the more complex – and interesting – tasks like data analysis and interpretation?

No worries. The PS-10 can help.

The PS-10 is your perfect, tireless co-worker – it will not let itself be distracted, nor will it get weary from not having had a break. It can prepare cocktails, records the antibodies and lots in each cocktail, and will have an answer ready when you need to know which lot was used for the test ABC on patient XYZ.  

Have you met our ‘lab technician’ Laurens yet? He has already gained some experience in working with the PS-10. In this humorous video, he will tell you what’s special about the PS-10 and how it changed his ‘lab life’ for the better. 

Time to take it easy. At least with sample preparation.

The PS-10 processes your samples just like you program it to, whether it is a routine or a complex procedure. In the meantime, you can be attending to other things. PS-10 will have your samples all prepared and ready to go for data acquisition. As you can imagine, the automated processing also adds a degree of consistency and standardisation to the process.  

See what experts have to say about the PS-10

From the section of ‘Expert Voices’ on our website, we present two evaluators of the PS-10 and their findings. You are welcome to learn what they concluded. 

Discover our entire clinical flow cytometry solution

Adding automation to the pre-analytical steps is just the start. The PS-10 sample preparation system and the Rotolavit II-S cell wash centrifuge are part of a fully integrated clinical flow cytometry analysis solution, including a high-performance flow cytometer and data management and analysis software. 

Our broad portfolio of high-quality Sysmex CyFlow™ CE IVD and RUO antibody reagents lets you exploit the PS-10’s capabilities and create the perfect panel for your diagnostic needs. A selection of lyse, fix and permeabilisation reagents, and instrument set-up and maintenance reagents complete the portfolio. 

For more details on the individual components, go to their dedicated product pages.

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