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El cáncer colorrectal (CCR) es uno de los carcinomas que con más frecuencia se diagnostica. En positivo puede decirse que la incidencia del CCR y la mortalidad pueden reducirse drásticamente si se detecta en un momento temprano.

Las pruebas inmunoquímicas fecales (PIF) no son invasivas, y pueden detectar sangre no perceptible a simple vista en las heces. Por su sencillez, las PIF se consideran en la actualidad la mejor prueba no invasiva para la detección del CCR.

Invierta algo de tiempo en su propia salud haciéndose la prueba PIF para prevenir o detectar el cáncer de colon a tiempo. Si necesita más información, visite nuestro sitio web "FIT for screening"

Sysmex Launches their First Subsidiary in Egypt and North Africa

Fecha: 2018-11-29 Etiquetas: News

With a vision to advance the diagnostics and healthcare infrastructure in Egypt, Sysmex Corporation, one of the global leaders in in vitro diagnostics, launches their first subsidiary in Egypt. Affirming their commitment to bettering the healthcare landscape, Sysmex will provide the Egyptian market with innovative and advanced clinical applications and best-in-class in vitro diagnostic technologies, as well as an excellent training academy that will host and sponsor a plethora of scientific workshops and clinical research studies.

With the honorary attendance of reputable policy makers, government officials and top diagnostic medical professionals, inaugurating the launch is Mr Kazuya Obe, Senior Executive Officer, Managing Director of Sysmex Global Marketing, Mr Matthias Voelkel, Managing Director of Sysmex Europe, Mr Saad Kayali, Managing Director of Sysmex Middle East and Mr Ahmed Shawky, General Manager of Sysmex Egypt.

Ahmed Shawky, General Manager for Sysmex Egypt says, “Egypt has a population growth rate of 2.2% annually, which puts pressure on the healthcare industry and drives the need for more advanced healthcare solutions. Our main goal is to provide new innovative solutions and the latest diagnostic technology to meet the standards of modern healthcare practices and the growing needs of the Egyptian market. With our investment in a local sales and service organisation as well as our drive to advance healthcare, we aspire to be a contributing force to streamline public healthcare budgets and shape the future of scientific research and development in Egypt.”

With its advanced technology, Sysmex will contribute in many fields such as urinalysis, oncology, and haemostasis. In addition, Sysmex will offer their market-leading haematology analysers, which help in diagnosing many diseases such as anaemia, cancer, as well as a number of communicable and endemic diseases. The analysers will also provide necessary diagnoses for pregnant women, ensuring the health of the mother and foetus. Sysmex will also offer best-in-class after-sales support with a dedicated team of field service engineers, as well as application and scientific support.

To further reinforce its educational role as a company interested in elevating the standards of scientific knowledge and clinical research in Egypt, Sysmex’s academy will provide new opportunities for healthcare professionals, by providing both on-ground, practical scientific workshops as well as innovative e-learning methodologies that allow the access of a vast pool of resources anytime, anywhere. The training centre is designed to welcome an average of 200 students per course and to host an average of around twelve courses per year.

Mr Kayali adds, “Egypt’s market for medical devices is the second largest in the Middle East, and it is anticipated to grow exponentially over the years. This being said, Sysmex Egypt aims to cultivate its presence in the Egyptian market by providing the latest in clinical research and hosting the best scientific workshops to meet market needs and growth.” He further adds that Sysmex Middle East as the subregional management office is aiming to support the Egyptian market with dedicated and talented teams for clinical applications, after sales support and integrated concept solutions.

Sysmex is currently serving over 190 countries around the world, bringing advanced clinical solutions to labs and hospitals. Sysmex Egypt (SEL) will be overseen and supported by Sysmex EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

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